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Help elect true Public Servants instead of Career Politicians

I belong to three groups that are important to me and I feel should be to you as well.
GOOOH is the first.
GOOOH is a group of patriots who have come together to clean up Congress. Tim Cox our found was interviewed yesterday by Steve Wayte on 940 KYNO Tea Pary Radio. GO there listen find out how we plant to clean up Congress with Public Servant that are put on the ballots in every State by you the citizen by joining and participating in your State. There are two segments please listen and get involved.
We also have an Election Session Training Video posted on You Tube that shows you how the process works that Tim explains during the interview.

Part 1 of 2 Steve Wayte Interview #GOOOH founder #TimCox Dec 10 2011

Patriot Tea Party is the second.

We are here in Seguin and need members so that we can become a voice for this community and help defeat Obama and any leftist or progressive that tries to run for office on our ballots.

and FreedomConnector - FreedomWorks

Freedom Works is coming to Texas in January.....We will be working on cleaning up the Senate, riding the Senate of those Career Politcians who have sold us down the river. They have refused to act according to the people who put them into office wishes. We can change that by finding candidates who will uphold the rules of our Contitution.

If you want to become active and help us save the U. S. from the road to distruction that Obama has put us on join those groups and help me get the word out here in Seguin.

Also, there is a new word you will hear used by the News Media and it is PROGRESSIVE. They are referring to Communist, Natzies, and others as Progressives.....yes They are here and trying to take over America using Obama as their pawn.

If you want more info contact me and I can give you the email addresses of sites to go to to learn more about what's going on.
Doreen Taft
Freedom Works
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